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Main Accounts LLC isn't your typical debt collection agency. We form relationships with our clients and we never treat you like you're just another transaction. 

Our comprehensive methods are refined and proven. We send numerous notices and conduct daily collection calls on every account that comes through our doors.

Every account listed with us gets worked, regardless of it's size or age. As long as we are legally permitted to pursue the debt, we will be trying to reclaim your lost revenue. Our collection agency never gives up on an account.

In addition to our dedication, commitment and passion to helping your business succeed, by listing with Main Accounts LLC you will also receive:

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Vs. Nationwide Agencies

When you list with a national debt collection agency, you lose the personal touch. Those massive companies don't know your business model, how you operate, or often even your name. We provide debt collection services and pre-screenings to businesses in Dayton, Cincinnati, Central Ohio and Northern Kentucky. We live and work in your area, and we're invested in helping your business grow. 

Main Accounts LLC cares about it's clients. You'll never face hidden charges or listing fees. Our debt collect services are provided on a commission-only basis, because it's the most honest way of doing business. We don't get paid unless you get paid.

​Vs. Local Agencies
What sets Main Accounts apart from other local debt collection companies is our commitment to excellence. We've invested in smart software and advanced tools to improve our efficiency. Our collection rates exceed the national average because we have technology and experience that rivals the biggest agencies in the country. 

Our success can also be attributed to the fierce commitment we have to our clients. We love entrepreneurs, and we are passionate about helping the hard-working business owners who drive this country.  

Vs. Legal Action
Legal action can be risky because you are spending money on court costs and legal fees with no guarantee that the debt will be paid. The courts may award a judgement, but they won't enforce it, and usually you just wind up throwing good money after bad. 

Once an account is placed with us, we still have the option to file suit. We hate wasting money though, so we only propose legal action if the debtor refuses to work with us, and we've verified his or her employment to attach wage garnishment.

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